Crafts in Zanzibar
Zanzibar and Tanzania have a wide variety of crafts, which could be sold, very successfully on the local (tourist) market.  Up until now only a few of these products have been successfully introduced into the local (tourist) market. 

There is enormous potential for local crafts men and women in Zanzibar, to make a sustainable income if they could sell their local produced arts.  These crafts persons need specific skills, knowledge and finance to assist in the development of creating quality products.  

Zenji Zanzibar stimulates these local artisans by promoting their arts and giving advice about improving the quality of the products.

Zenji Hotel
Through Zenji Hotel the local economy is stimulated and the local community is involved. All the furniture and handicrafts in the rooms are created by Zanzibarian craftsmen. The food is bought from local people or homemade by the chef.  All the staff are from Tanzania. Through the Zenji Zanzibar projects, capacity building is provided to the staff with the aim to improve their skills and confidence. This then gives them better chances and opportunities in the future.

From Zenji Beads to the recycle workplace CHAKO
In 2010 Zenji Zanzibar started its’ own project with local women: Zenji Beads. Underneath Zenji Hotel, inside the shop, a small workplace had been created. The workshop operated according the ‘Fair Trade’ principles. While the project was growing, the need arised for a bigger place and more products. Recently we have opened the CHAKO recycle workplace, just outside town, where new products are created from waste. CHAKO works according the Tourist2Tourist aspect. Chako makes souvenirs for tourists, out of waste material that comes from the tourism industry on Zanzibar. This offers tourists a way to reduce their negative impact on the island with a positive approach; by buying original, innovative souvenirs for friends and family.

Capacity building and the promotion of CHAKO helps the local crafts people to earn an independent and sustainable income.

World of weaving (WOW)
In 2013 Zenji Zanzibar Foundation, together with the projectpartners Mawazo Art Centre (Dar es Salaam) and Cordaid (The Netherlands), received funding from the EU for the project 'weave'. Weaving is a profession, which brings Tanzanian weavers a lot of pride. Not only the weavers make beautiful hand-woven fabrics, but also they are able to support themselves and their families financially. Because of the lack in modern design and colours there is a large decrease in the number of skilled weavers in Tanzania. They can’t sell their old-fashioned designs anymore, so they are forced to go back to farming, which brings in little income.

The aim of weave is to enhance social, cultural and economic growth in Tanzania by providing capacity building to women weavers and tailors, development of contemporary designs and strengthening of business management skills.